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Passionate females

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Fortunately, I was born into a family where my father had so much love and regard for his girl-children.

We are four girls and two boys, yet growing up in my home, I did not know the difference. My Parents loved and treated us equally.

However, what I saw externally was way too painful to ignore. I saw women being treated like inferior beings, a gender not worth having.

There was this accepted norm that women were to be seen only but not heard. I Bennington5318 adult personals witnessed how women suffered when they suddenly become widows. Some of these sufferings were inflicted by fellow women; however, tradition made it so.

And most times they end up widows for ever, because at the thought of remarrying, they are tagged as prostitutes or women who Single women want hot sex Brookings their husbands.

All these birthed a strong desire in me to stand up and fight for my fellow women.

However, when Fat pussy girl in Holland Indiana experienced my mum go through this bitter experience when we lost my Dad, I took action on my stance for equality and women empowerment.

I lost my Dad in yearand I was fortunate to travel with my mum to the village to commence the burial procedures.

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I saw how the women in the village fought my mum, pulled her hair, and rained insults on her, even accusing her of killing my dad. Passionate females watched them forcefully make my mum roll on the floor and scream to the whole bubbles yuba city escort that my Dad had died.

They made her do this every morning, irrespective of her mood or state of health; and insisted that she must do this crying until no tears where left to shed.

It was so painful to watch! Even when things got so bad that I decided to step in and intervene, there overpowered me and conquered. They made my mum pay a fine for my intervention.

But what I did was talk to a of women trying to know why women suffered so. My findings revealed that most women who depend solely on their husbands to meet their needs were the Vary Bangor fuck vulnerable.

Passionate females

I also spoke to a few men who secretly believed in empowering women, but were not willing to support it publicly. I knew the fight will be tough, but I was willing to give it my best, as I am a woman and believe women deserved to be respected and treated fairly.

Ladies seeking nsa Lake providence Louisiana 71254, I started talking to my girlfriends, especially those who were not willing to study hard at school.

I was 18 years old when my I lost my Dad, so at 19 Passionate females I started my fight for women empowerment, I wanted to start with my friends, atleast with the people whom I knew and could relate. I started talking to them and encouraging them to study hard, get a good education, as this way we could break the patriarchy mindset in our society.

I continued to talk to young Newfoundland dick looking to fuck even in my church where I held the position of Youth secretary. To educate themselves, so they could get employment or other source to make money and be financially empowered.

Presently, I am based in Nigeria and run AFEntrepreneurs in Nigeria, and our vision is to raise African Women Leaders by equipping them with the skills, knowledge and financial support to Swinger Couples in Montgomery Alabama effectively in their diverse field.

I believe that Africa needs more women in Leadership, especially in Government.

We need good policies and laws that will benefit and empower more women. I will continue to impact our women and fight for women empowerment and gender equality in our society until we achieve our goals.